mercredi, juillet 12, 2006

Team Ryouko - Trailer

J'ai jamais vu de Team en karate artistique aussi complete!!!!
Du parcours, des trickzs, de la cascade bref tout quoi...

Team Ryouko is Toronto???s first and only Extreme Martial Arts Performance Team. Inspired by the achievements of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and many others, Team Ryouko was founded by veteran Martial Artists, Break Dancers, and Stuntmen, with the single vision of exploring the limitations of the human body. Armed with a diverse background of skills, Team Ryouko has developed their own unique style to leave their mark in the world.

Today the team has become a fast paced, action-packed fusion of martial arts, acrobatics and break dancing, resulting in the most intense martial arts performance in Toronto.

The team consists of professional dancers, actors, and stunt artists who have had extensive experience performing both on stage, in theatre, and for film and television. Each team member is unique and brings with them a vast vocabulary of knowledge in varying disciplines. The team members are subject to a strict training regime to ensure quality performances. It is this combination of talent and disciplined training that has allowed Team Ryouko to explode into both the martial arts scene and the entertainment industry.

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